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  SNRUJST  Vol.9  No. 2  (May - August 2017)
Isolation and screening phosphoric solubilizing bacteria from organic anthill fertilizer and phosphorus release capacity

Author:  M. Wasoontharawat, R. Jatarasa, A. Duangpaeng

Full Text | (Page 454 – 464)

2 Efficience of dual-inoculation of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Phosphate solubilizing bacteria on the growth and tuber inulin content of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Author: S. Boonlue, S. Nacoon, U. Kokaew

Full Text | (Page 465 – 473)

3 Effects of omaga-3 fatty acids (from krill oil) on sperm quality of mahseer barb, Neolissochilus stracheyi, brooders reared in captivity

Author:  E. Duangjai, S. Punya-in, A. A-ta, S. Arin, A. Sangkamruang, P. Sresutham, J. Punroob

Full Text (Page 474 – 482)


The innovation of deltoid muscle injection models

Author:  N. Wontaisong

 Full Text (Page 483 – 490)

A differential evolution algorithm with adaptive controlling weighted parameter for finite mixture model of some fire insurance data in Thailand

Author:  S. Boonthiem, S. Boonta, W. Klongdee

Full Text (Page 491 - 501)


On the multiplicative pulsating n-fibonacci sequence

Author: A. Suvarnamani

Full Text (Page 502 – 508)

Ingredients estimation and recommendation of Thai-foods

Author:  L. Soimart, P. Mookdarsanit

Full Text (Page 509 - 520)


Malware detection for Thai Android applications using regularized logistic regression

Author:  K. Promjiraprawat, W. Wongseree

Full Text | (Page 521 - 528)

Effects of monopotassiumphosphate and ethephon on flowering of Litchi (Litchi sinensis Sonn.) cv. Nakorn Phanom 1

Author:  S. Teanglum, A. Teanglum

 Full Text | (Page 529 - 535)

Influence parameter of friction stir welding of aluminium 5083 butt joint

Author:  A. Supian, S. Boonlerd

 Full Text | (Page 536-543)