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  SNRUJST  Vol.9  No. 3  (September - December 2017)
Removal of Cd2+ and Pb2+ from water by LaGdO3 perovskite

Author:  W. Haron, U. Sirimahachai, A. Wisitsoraat, S. Wongnawa

Full Text | (Page 544 – 551)

2 Preparation of micro-porous fibroin membrane by emulsion method

Author: P. Moonsri

Full Text | (Page 552 – 559)

3 Isolation and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of endophytic actinobacteria on May Chang tree
(Litsea cubeba) against pathogenic bacteria causing diseases on common carp and tilapia

Author:  N.N. Tuan, T.T. Trang, S. Yaemkong, P. Jaipong, P. Kotham

Full Text (Page 560 – 567)


The optical characteristic of electron irradiated beryl by UV-visible and mid-IR spectroscopic analyses

Author:  A. Ittipongse, A. Maneewong, K. Pangza, T. Charoennam

 Full Text (Page 568 – 573)

Effect of hardening and tempering on microstructure and mechanical properties of steel grade AISI 5160

Author:  P. Apichai

Full Text (Page 574 – 582)


  Preparation and characterization of copper doped titanium dioxide thin film by sparking process

Author: P. Tipparak, O. Wiranwetchayan, W. Promnopas

Full Text (Page 583 – 591)

Generalize of some inequality related to the gamma functions Retracted Article

Author:  S. Bupasiri

Full Text (Page 592 – 598)


Development of water levels monitoring system by ZigBee technique

Author:  S. Boonkirdram, T. Wongmeekaew

Full Text | (Page 599 – 606)

Short-term load forecasting using artificial neural network for Ban-Nathone substation, Salavane
province, Lao PDR

Author:  L. Sounaphan, D. Wiroteurairuang

 Full Text | (Page 607 – 616)

The efficiency comparisons with DC and DC pulse power supply in electro-coagulation process

Author:  W. Daosawang, S. Thuangchon

 Full Text | (Page 617 – 623)