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The Structural, morphological and optical properties of Ca doped TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Author:  Tanattha Rattana, Sumetha Suwanboon, Chittra Kedakew

Full Text | (Page 1-5)

2 A Comparison of Protein Extraction Methods from Protease Treated Rubber Particles Suitable for 2-Dimensional Electrophoresis Study of Allergic Proteins
Author: Ekawit Threenet, Phakorn Papun, Pairot Wongputtisin, Achara Kleawkla

Full Text | (Page 6-12)

 3 Effect of crosslinking agent and starch contents on hydrogel from deproteinized natural rubber latex and starch
Author: Achara Kleawkla, Supinyo Srivipak, Ekawit Threenet, Pairot Wongputtisin

Full Text | (Page 13-18) 

 4 Biodiesel Production from Tung Seed Oil using Strong Base Supported on Activated Carbon from Longan as Catalyst by Microwave Technique
Author: Achara Kleawkla, Ekawit Threenet

Full Text | (Page 19-24) 

 5 Biological characteristics and effects of salinity on reproductive activities of marine worm (Tylorrhynchus heterochaetus, Quatefages, 1865) in summer season in Hai Phong – Viet Nam
Author: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Le Thi Hoang Hang, Suphawadee Yaemkong, Prapasiri Jaipong, Phattanan Kotham

Full Text | (Page 25-31) 

Characterization of calcium oxide derived from cockle shells for carbon dioxide capture
Author: Supattra Wongsaenmai

Full Text | (Page 32-36) 

Effect of Epoxidized Natural Rubber on Properties of Poly (butylene Succinate)/Rice Flour Composites
Author: Pornsri Sapsrithong, Thanodom Junaiad, Arpaporn Kornkartok, Alissa Pattanakaew, Apaipan Rattanapan

Full Text | (Page 37-44)

Study of the mechanical, dynamic mechanical and dielectric properties of natural rubber/barium titanate composites
Author: Apaipan Rattanapan, Kanjanaporn Bangyeekhan, Wanitcha Pakdee, Jintana Setkit, Pornsri Sapsrithong

Full Text | (Page 45-51)

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Fiber Boards from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibers Mixed with Water Hyacinth Fibers
Author: Thadsanee Thongkanluang, Kittisak Buasri, Prayoon Surin, Neramitr Chirakanphaisarn, Sainatee Jakthin, Patarawan Kahawong

Full Text | (Page 52-57)

Effects of thickness of the flow channel, melt temperature and mold temperature on the flow behavior of polypropylene/silicon carbide composites using injection molding simulation
Author: Kitttikan Kuntiwong, Apaipan Rattanapan, Sathaporn Chatakom

Full Text | (Page 58-65)

11  Molecules interaction between copper phtholocyanine and volatile organic compounds with applying for gas sensor by Monte Carlo simulation
Surachai Pengmanayol, Janit Girdpun
Full Text | (Page 66-74)

ZnO nanoparticles affect differently the morphological and physiological responses of Riceberry plants (Oryza sativa L.)
Author: Paripark Ruangthep, Sutichai Samart, Sutee Chutipaijit

Full Text | (Page 75-81)

13  Effect of tungsten sputtering current on structural and morphological properties of WC thin films
Author: Attapol Choeysuppaket, Surasing Chaiyakun, Tanattha Rattana
Full Text | (Page 82-86)

14  Improvement on Automated Thai Assignment Scoring by Using a Thesaurus
Author: Thannicha Thongyoo, Somkid Saelee, Soradech Krootjohn
Full Text | (Page 87-95)