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  SNRUJST  Vol.9  No. 1  (January - April 2017)

The effect of vitamins AD3E supplementation on the growth, reproductive performance and survival rates of climbing perch Anabas testudineus broodstock in cage culture environments

Author: E. Duangjai, S. Tanathip, J. Punroob

Full Text (Page 379 – 388)


Effects of Thiourea on Sprouting of Litchi sinensis Sonn. cv. Nakorn Phanom 1

Author: A. Teanglum, N. Wongma

Full Text (Page 389 – 396)


Analysis of biodiesel as fatty acid ethyl ester (FAEE) by using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) technique

Author: W. Roschat

Full Text (Page 397 – 406)


On quasi-ideals in left almost semirings

Author: P. Yiarayong  Retracted Article

Full Text (Page 407 – 416)


Solutions of the Diophantine Equation x 2 + py 2 = z 2

Author: P. Puangjumpa

Full Text (Page 417 – 423)


Some identities for (s, t)-Pell and (s, t)-Pell-Lucas numbers and its application to Diophantine equations

Author: S. Srisawat, W. Sriprad

Full Text (Page 424 – 431)

Predicting natural suitability of Zanthozylum limonella Alston in Mae Ja Rim National Park Nan Province using species distribution models

Author: T. Kamyo, K. Samanmit, S. Jantopat

Full Text (Page 432 – 438)


Current situation of information infrastructure development for Thai rural communities

Author:  C. Prugsachat, L. Manmart

Full Text (Page 439 – 453)