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SNRU Journal of Science and Technology

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Current Issues : 8 No. 3 (September – December 2016)
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SNRUJST  Vol.8  No. 3  (September – December 2016)

Effects of the participatory learning program on malaria prevention and control of member households in Domepradit Sub-district, Nam Yuen, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Author: Dueannapha Siriboon, Nopparat Songserm

Full Text (Page 292-300)


The prevalence of Opisthorchis viverrini infections in Chiang Khruea Subdistrict, Muaeng District, Sakon Nakhon Province

Author: Sriwipa Chuangchaiya, Nonglak Laoprom, Sasiwan Tassana-iem, Thanakorn Phromnophas, 
Kannika Prachanok, Wisshuda Mandjong, Chotima Naksang, Katemanee Poobootcha, Anusorn Promwongsa

Full Text (Page 301-309)


Study of wireless control garbage glean boat

Author: Prapaporn Petchsom, Isarapong Poonsuk, Prakasit Tunti-a-longkarn

Full Text (Page 310-319)


Synthesis and characterization of zeolite derived from Buriram sugarcane bagasse ash and Narathiwat kaolinite

Author:  Pattaranun Thuadaij, Prasith Mukda

Full Text (Page 320-326)


The impact of private investment on the income and employment of the northeast: the analysis of input and output model

Author: Surachai Chancharat, Navarat Pongjapo, Nambpha Tipnet

Full Text (Page 327-337)


Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella spp. isolated from fattening beef cattle at the slaughterhouse in Sakon Nakhon Province

Author: Tharadol Jitjak, Pirat Sornplang, Bongkot Noppon

Full Text (Page 338-343)

A comparative efficiency of data mining algorithms for analysis of factors affecting the cancer

Author: Nattavut Sriwiboon

Full Text (Page 344-352)


Study of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) fabricated by organic dyes from native medicinal plants in Nanokkok Sub-district, Lublae District, Uttaradit Province

Author: Jiraporn Nikomtat, Panthip Tue-ngeun, Nalinee Chaiwiratnukul

Full Text (Page 353-364)


Heat transfer modelling of a greenhouse solar dryer for drying long pepper

Author: Jagrapan Piwsaoad, Chayapat Phusampao

Full Text (Page 365-378)